FANG confirms Tuesday morning explosion was from a meth lab

This is where police say a meth lab exploded early Tuesday morning.

The Flint Area Narcotics Group (FANG) confirms the explosion was a result of a meth lab. Police say they found chemicals and equipment in the apartment consistent with what is needed to make the drug.

"It exploded in the bathroom and blew the wall literally out of this residence. Usually what happens is that a small pinhole will develop and everything will leak out and a fire will start," said FANG Lt. Patrick Richard.

Members of FANG investigating the second story explosion found evidence that is ordinarily harmless, but put together is a ticking time bomb.

"You can go buy everything you need to make a meth lab in a Meijer right now or Walmart it doesn't matter," said Richard.

Lieutenant Patrick Richard says this operation was small and likely for personal usage.

"They found there was two one-pot meth labs running and they also found some finished product or some actual usable meth in the residence as well," said Richard.

No neighbors were injured, however a woman involved is hospitalized with second and third degree burns and a suspect is in the Flint City Jail.

"There was also three other subjects that left the residents prior to any police officers arriving at the scene. We are still attempting to locate them and/or gain their names and any information about them," said Richard.

The man in custody is being held for operating a meth lab. Police will meet with the Genesee County Prosecutors office later this week.