Farm Bureau advisors help out in the Weather Garden

Three Farm Bureau trusted advisors showed up in the Weather Garden on Thursday. They were put to work with hoes and rakes, and were pretty good at it. They also offered some advice on insurance. Barb Engelhardt from Bay City advises us to actually read our policies, or at least take the policies to your agent and have them help you understand it. Bill Weitzel, a trusted advisor from Pigeon, says that life insurance is very important. He says it TMs not only important for your family to have some life insurance on you, but also the correct amount. Bill says one factor that goes into the correct amount is how much it would take to replace your income stream. Pat McGuire from Clio advises us that you should make sure all of your summer and winter toys are properly insured. I was just glad that the advisors brought along some gardening tools and helped me take care of some weeds.