Fastest growing sport: pickleball?

If you're bored with badminton, tired of tennis and not patient with ping pong, Pickleball may be for you. It's being called America's fastest growing participatory sport and for good reason. It appeals to all ages. It's inexpensive to play. Best of all it's fun.

It involves a wood racket and a whiffle-type ball. There's a net and well, you get the idea. During a demonstration on NBC 25 Today, some local pickleball afficionados showed us how it's played. Some are even members of the USAPA: the United States Pickleball Association. To show how easy it is to pick up, NBC 25's Liz MacFarland even played in heels.

The group appeared on the morning show to discuss how fun pickleball is and to promote an upcoming fundraiser. A charitable sporting event will be held on June 29. The venue will be the Cage Fieldhouse on Morrish Rd. in Swartz Creek. Play will run from 9 to 5 that Saturday.

The real winners of the day will be the Swartz Creek Food Bank/Basket, as well as the Swartz Creek Community Ed. Program. Both will be recepients of charitable contributions from players, fans, and interested persons of the organizations.

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