Father faces life in prison for allegedly brutally murdering his 2-year-old child

Donovan Haynes looked relaxed during Wednesday's proceedings. / Rob Zielesch

A Flint Township detective testified Wednesday that Donovan Haynes admitted to bitting his two-year-old daughter Ti'Arra Woodward.

"He (Haynes) said he would bite her because he's trying to toughen her up because she was wetting the bed," said Detective Randy Kimes, who was the only person to testify during the hearing.

The preliminary hearing will continue next week.

Haynes faces up to life in prison for the death and abuse of Ti'Airra.

Police say they found the little girl TMs mother doing chest compressions on the toddler in an attempt to save her life when they arrived at the Flint Township home in July this year.

Police say Haynes was standing nearby.

Tragically, the little girl did not survive.

Authorities say they found bite marks on the child TMs arms, thigh, chest, and face. A medical examiner report indicates Woodward died from internal bleeding from a lacerated liver.