Father fights for custody of daughter used for selling drugs

A few weeks ago, we brought you the story of a father fighting for custody of his biological daughter.

He says her mother used her for drug trafficking.

Monday, a judge denied him custody because of an old state law, some say discriminates against dads.

It was a sad day for Daniel Quinn, he's been fighting for years to have custody of his daughter Maeleigh, but because of Michigan TMs Paternity Act, which was created nearly 200 years ago, it hasn't been an option.

Michigan TMs law may keep Fenton resident, Danny Quinn from ever seeing his daughter Maeleigh again.

"I TMm going to keep hunting for her, I will never stop until she understands the truth that the state lied to her," said Daniel Quinn who is fighting for custody of his daughter.

Maeleigh was born out of wed-lock when her mother Candace Beckwith was estranged from her husband Adam Beckwith.

Quinn raised his daughter for two years until Candace took Maeleigh and left Michigan to live with her husband.

Quinn has been fighting for parental rights ever since.

"I just think it's a shame someone's biological rights would be insubordinate to the whimsy of a married woman who doesn't act like one," said Quinn TMs Attorney, Gregory Rohl.

Adam Beckwith promised Genesee County Judge John Gadola he would take care of Maeleigh as his own.

But then he was convicted of using Maeleigh for drug trafficking.

"Adam lied under oath, so that he could use my niece for himself, so that he could use her in his drug trafficking operation," said Holly Austin, Maeleigh TMs aunt.

"It's not a question of lying under oath or anything else, that's the problem, and if anyone feels this is inappropriate, the best remedy is to take it up with their representative," said Beckwith TMs Attorney, Thomas McCombs.

Despite the drug charges, Monday, Judge Gadola upheld his original ruling that Quinn has no parental rights over his daughter, because Michigan TMs Paternity Act protects the sanctity of marriage.

"Any real mother who truly cares for her kids, would not allow a man, who knowingly, would take her children on drug trafficking operations from state to state, that is not a mom, that is a dead beat mom, so where does this law go against the dead beat mothers in this case?" said Quinn.

Monday, the Quinn family rallied outside Genesee County Circuit Court to protest Michigan TMs Paternity Act.

Michigan is only one of a handful of states where the paternity act doesn't take into consideration, babies born out of wedlock, DNA testing, and broken marriages.

"She was always safe, when she got hurt she ran to her real daddy, not her fake daddy. Apparently fake fathers have more rights in this country," said Quinn.

Judge Gadola says Michigan TMs Paternity Act should be looked at, but until it's changed, his job is to uphold Michigan TMs law.

Daniel Quinn says he won't give up fighting for Maeleigh, even if it means finding her when she's an adult.

Tuesday, NBC25 will talk to some Michigan lawmakers who are trying to change Michigan TMs Paternity Act.