Father of murdered six-year-old takes witness stand

DeVontrae Benton

Johnny Holden, father of six year old Jonaries Holden who was shot and killed, says he was given drugs by the defendant DeVontae Benton and that Benton drove up to his vehicle wanting the money for them.

"I'm like, 'What's wrong with you?' He's like 'You know what's wrong with me {expletive}! You ain't got my {expletive} money' and I was like 'Man, come with me to the crib and I'll pay you.'"

Holden says Benton would not leave him alone.

Benton said, "He swerved in front of me, cause he made me stop. I had to swerve out of the way to keep from hitting the curb and I hit the curb and he flew back on me and shot. We're like, 'Shoot, {expletive}, he's shooting at us!'"

Holden says Benton showed remorse. "He flew up on the other side of the car and with the most messed up look on his face like he knew he did something wrong like, 'Are your kids all right?'"

In the defense's cross examination, it referred to Holden's testimony a year ago questioning his credibility. Reading from a transcript, defense attorney Ken Scott says, "Did your car hit the curb or go into the parkway? Your answer, no madam."

The defense says Holden earlier testified that he hit the curb twice. It also says holden told several stories about which route he took.

Because of a conflict with one of the jurors, the trial will take monday off and resume Tuesday at nine in the morning.

That's the same day the judge expects the trial to wrap up.