Father of three shot dead in Saginaw

Saginaw police are investigating an early morning homicide on the city's west side. One man is dead and his family is trying to figure who killed the 26-year old. Family members tell NBC25 News, Tim Lard was killed inside his home at 1108 S. Webster Street.

Also inside during the shooting was Timâ??s girlfriend and two of his children. Lard was known in this Saginaw neighborhood as Timmy.

â??He was an upbeat, high-spirited person. He was a good guy. I never had no (sic) problems with him. I never knew or heard anything bad about him,â?? says Darnell, a family friend.

Lardâ??s neighbors are taking the news of his murder pretty hard.

â??I don't know what to think,â?? says Darnell. â??We got a call around 3 saying my cousin's house was shot up,â?? adds Darnell.

â??It was probably around 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning. Every time i hear shots around here, i wake up,â?? says William Kobe, a neighbor.

Paramedics pronounced the 26-year old dead on scene. Family members say Lard's children and girlfriend were inside the home at the time of the shooting.

â??The baby is like three months,â?? says Darnell.

â??4 or 5 shots,â?? says Kobe. â??This stuff's got to stop man it's just stupid,â?? he adds.

The girlfriend and the children were not harmed in the shooting. As for a suspect, police have not named one yet.

If you have any information, please give Crimestoppers a call at 1-800-422-JAIL.