FBI: Michigan doctor misdiagnosed patients with cancer


A federal judge has ordered a $9 million bond in the case of a Michigan cancer specialist who is accused of intentionally misdiagnosing patients.

Prosecutors asked a federal judge to increase Dr. Farid Fata's bond, fearing he may try to flee the country.

The government says Fata defrauded Medicare for millions of dollars by giving chemotherapy to patients who didn't need it.

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Itâ??s a doctor's golden rule---â??Do no harm.â??

But the Federal Bureau of Investigations says Dr. Farid Fata didn't get the memo.

â??If they tell someone they have cancer, they're going to be worried, they're going to be stressed out, they're going to think they're dying and if they don't and they find out months later, that's horrible,â?? says Hailey Burden, a Lapeer resident.

The Oakland County based doctor is behind bars Monday night.

â??We feel for the patients that may have been affected because of this,â?? says Susan Perry-Nolte with McLaren-Lapeer Region.

Fata maintained an office in Lapeer and consulted with other doctors at McLarenâ??s Lapeer hospital.

â??He has however not practiced or admitted or seen a patient in the last three years at McLaren Lapeer Region,â?? says Perry-Nolte.

Hospital officials say Fata passed all the background checks.

â??Itâ??s a very rigorous process. We don't take it lightly. The physicians who practice here have all gone through that process,â?? says Perry-Nolte.

While there weren't any red flags in Lapeer, neighbors are left wondering why a doctor would put his patients through pain.

â??They should get their license taken away,â?? says Burden. â??That is a big thing,â?? she adds.

Fata is currently behind bars on $170,000 bond but federal prosecutors what that upped to $9 million. They fear Fata may flee to his native, Lebanon.