FBI says Flint is the most violent city in America

T he Vehicle City is once again the most violent city according to the FBI.

Flint resident Tony Bowers says, "That's old news. It's repetitious news."

F lint residents NBC25 spoke with said they knew the news before it was news.

" I t's really not surprising . I 've lived in Flint all my life and seen the deterioration over the last few years. I don't know what we can do about it. Be neighborly and watch out for each other, it's just escalating," says Doris Fyke.

L eaders say they know the problem , too many people with too little to do.

Flint school board member David Davenport says, "There's no summer jobs here. There's no jobs when they can go out and do something. There's no recreation centers open."

T he Flint Police Officer's Association says it's doing all it can to keep a sense of order.

" T he officers know we are under-staffed , and we're under - manned. We're doing the best we can for the citizens of Flint and continue to do that with the numbers we have. Unfortunately, they're not giving us the tools to complete our jobs, which is more manpower," says Flint Police Officers Association President Kevin Smith.

The union says m an - power has dropped from around 200 to 120 in the last three years , reducing how many officers there are per residents.

" T he national average is three officers for 1,000 people, and we're the most violent city in America. You would think you'd want to double that, and we're less than one street-patrol-wise," says Smith.

Flint was also the most violent city in 2010 according to the FBI.

This year, Detroit is number two.