February sales take a dip as the mercury drops

The deep freeze is putting a cold spell on some local businesses. Retailers across Michigan are reporting a drop in sales for January and February citing the record-breaking snow and sub-zero temperatures.

â??This has got to be the consecutively coldest winter that we've, Iâ??ve ever experienced,â?? says Chris Graff, general manager of Graff Chevrolet in Davison.

Mother Natureâ??s cold spell is leaving plenty of cars in stock but not many buyers lingering outside.

â??The time of tire kicking is very minimal right now,â?? says Graff.

Inside, car salesmen are sharpening their valet skills.

â??We're doing a lot of leg work for the customers,â?? says Graff. â??Making it easier for them (customers) to stay inside where it's warm and bring the car to them,â?? says Graff.

For those not brave enough to battle Old Man Winter---well, there's always the internet.

â??Itâ??s convenience, they can shop in their pajamas,â?? says Eric Coron, director of internet sales at Graff Chevrolet.

Over in Flushing at Macksoodâ??s, itâ??s the same story.

â??Itâ??s been so cold and snowy, it's just been hard for people to get out,â?? says Tom Macksood, owner of Macksoodâ??s. He depends on February and March sells.

Thatâ??s when winter weary Michiganders start thinking sunshine, patios and grills...

â??Weâ??re hoping the middle of March but it might be more towards April 1st,â?? says Macksood.

While customers may not be thinking about backyard patios right now over at the patio section, well you can say it's warm spot for business.

â??A lot of people are looking for heat. Wood stoves, gas fireplaces, that's been good,â?? says Macksood.

While the fire places keep things warm, salesmen are hoping Mother Nature and Old Man Winter seek couples counseling and give Michiganders a break.

â??Iâ??m looking for a little bit of sunshine and a lot business,â?? says Macksood.