Federal and state officials tour Genesee County flood areas

A drawer full of books and other items are damaged by water.

Officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency spent the day Monday touring areas of Genesee County damaged by flooding. FEMA will be back in action on Tuesday and Wednesdy assessing damages in Filnt, Grand Blanc and Mundy Townships.

Michigan State Police officials say state resourses have already been put into motion to help flood victims thanks to Governor Snyder's declared "State of Emergency" in Genesee County and if FEMA officials recommend, the county could be declared a federal disaster area by President Obama, opening up more federal aid in grants and loans for residents who lost everything and did not have flood insurance.

Local officials were also on hand in Flint Township where NBC25 caught up to the entourage as they went through damaged basements and looked at damaged items. Many of which, at one apartment complex off of Noble Road in Flint Township, had been placed outside.

Officials caution that the inspections do not necessarily mean federal aid is coming. Residents should know within two weeks.

FEMA and Michigan State Police officials toured flooded areas in Flint and Clayton Township today as well as Burton.