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      Fellow officer testifies in the Bluew trial

      Kenneth Bluew is accused of killing Jennifer Webb of Bridgeport in August of 2011. Prosecutors say he was on duty in late August of last year when he strangled Webb near her car.

      Buena Vista Township Police Officer Tim Patterson testified in court today that when he arrived on scene over a year ago he almost immediately knew something was wrong.

      ??Sergeant Waterman opened the phone and I saw what the phone said and I literally reached down and unsnapped my gun because I didn??t know where it was going to go from there, I didn??t know how officer Bluew was going to react to his name being on her phone,?? said Patterson.

      During his testimony Patterson also says there were red flags as soon as he arrived.

      ??Sweating profusely the way he was, right eye how it looked was unusual his reaction nwhen he found the body was unusual to me,?? said Patterson.

      According to Patterson there were additional things Bluew did that night that were out of character.

      Patterson says Bluew always had his uniform cleaned in the Police Station. Leaving his laundry in a yellow bag. But when his shift ended the night Jenny Webb died he took them home.

      Defense attorney Rod O??Farrell turned to Bluews officer log concerning his whereabouts and radio absence that sent Patterson to the scene. O??Farrell noted Bluew??s report says he arrived at the same time as Patterson.