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      Fenton may begin regulating backyard hockey rinks

      Most residents in the neighborhood want the rink to stay.

      The city of Fenton may start regulating backyard hockey rinks, in the wake of an on-going dispute in the Andover Woods subdivision.

      A resident filed a complaint with the homeowner's association in October of last year, saying the rink had not been approved by the association.

      However, construction on the rink continued as planned.

      "All the kids love it. Its really fun and it keeps them active and entertained," says 15-year-old Lily Connor, who lives near the rink.

      Fenton's zoning commission is now examining the rink, and may force the owner to take it down.

      "We feel we have an obligation to look at it and see if it is something we want to include as regulation as ordinance or not," says Fenton city manager Lynn Markland, who adds that rinks have not been regulated in the past because they fall under the category of a "playscape".