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      'Fighting for our Families' focuses on Saginaw's youth

      Pastor Robert Davis says he's tired of seeing young men lose their lives to crime. Both in the literal sense and by being sentenced to prison time. He's the President of Saginaw's Citizens Action Committee. He says he's focused on taking action within his church to curb crime.

      "To see him sitting there with his mother 14-years-old is going to spend his time and life in a maximum prison," said Davis.

      After voluntarily sitting in on court hearings Pastor Robert Davis is taking action to prevent young men from spending time behind bars.

      "Itâ??s painful to sit there and listen to some of these young men who have given their lives away," said Davis.

      The special service is to showing Saginaw families a life without crime is worth fighting for.

      Honorable Judge Terry Clark is speaking to the reality of being arrested.

      "My court room we deal with young individuals 17-years of age or up so I see a lot of young people coming through the court system," said Judge Clark.

      So far Saginaw has not had any homicides in 2014. And police say the city's crime rate is looking good for the first time in years.

      "To try to make a difference itâ??s always a great, great experience for me," said Judge Clark.

      Clark and Davis are continuing their efforts to provide positive reinforcement to Saginaw's youth and prove that families are worth fighting for.

      "If one person says I get it. Thatâ??s all we need because he made a decision today to change his lifestyle," said Davis.

      2012â??s FBI crime statistics were released in 2013. According to the FBI, Saginaw is the third most violent city per capita in the United States.