Final countdown for Genesee Towers implosion

A piece of Genesee Towers hangs inside of Blackstone's restaurant--reminding Patti Bergstrom of the good ol' days.

â??A lot of good times up there, a lot of weddings Iâ??ve attended. A lot of class reunions and in the good days, it was a fun place to be,â?? says Bergstrom, a life long resident of Flint.

But for the manager of the downtown Flint restaurant, the times are changing.

â??It needs to come down. It's an eyesore and we're looking forward to what's going to replace that,â?? says Bergstrom.

10 oâ??clock Sunday morning is the hour of the towers demise. The controlled blast will last about 10 seconds.

â??Our guys have been working in the cold, prepping for it to come down and we're very excited,â?? says Dave Lurvey, project manager for Uptown Reinvestment Corporation which owns the building.

1,000 pounds of explosives will bring Flint's tallest eyesore to its knees, sending a dust cloud 140 feet high into the air.

â??We can't guarantee which way the wind direction will go but we've taken all precautions necessary to bring it down in the safest way possible,â?? says Lurvey.

â??Iâ??m sure it's going to go very smoothly and I know they'll be a lot of clean up but we're all braced for that,â?? says Bergstrom.

The cleanup will last until early spring.

Bergstrom says the clean up is a minor inconvenience with major potential.

â??We just have to look the future and see how nice it will be when it's done,â?? adds Bergstrom.

Uptown officials say a science exploration park will take the place of Genesee Towers.

As for Sunday, 200 construction workers will be on site with at least 70 first responders on stand-by.