Find out how you can help keep Flint safe tonight

      Flint is looking for volunteers to help be "eyes and ears" tonight around the city.

      The night before Halloween, which was commonly known as Devil's Night, has traditionally been a night filled with arson.

      However, these days officials are trying to change the perception of the night. Now they refer to tonight as "Angel's Night" and they step up patrols to try and stop the fires.

      Last year Flint only had six fires on Angel's Night. This was down from 15 fires in 2011.

      As part of the plan tonight, the Flint Blue Badge Program is keeping five of the city's mini-stations open. At the station, volunteers will answer phones and help residents. The idea is to free up police to patrol the city, rather than be stuck behind a desk.

      To learn more about the Flint Blue Badges you can go to their website here.

      Additionally, if you need help or want to report something suspicious you can contact your nearest mini-station.

      Here are the five mini-stations that are remaining open:

      Ballenger Highway Service Center

      1210 N. Ballenger Hwy

      (810) 766-7149

      Kearsley Park/Mott Service Center

      1909 Kearsley Park Blvd.

      (810) 235-5494

      Kettering Service Center

      1700 University Avenue

      (810) 762-9500

      Northside Service Center

      4601 M.L.K. Avenue

      (810) 787-3718

      Southside Service Center

      Lincoln United Methodist Church

      3410 Fenton Road

      (810) 766-7344