Fire departments attacking Angels' Night in Flint

<p>FBI statistics confirm flint is the arson capital of the country. But this year in preparation for one of the most notorious nights for fires, the city is taking a different approach to preventing arsons.</p>

Typically fire stations like Burton, Clio and Mount Morris would be gearing up for a night in Flint on angel's night; however, this year mutual aid is staying out until called.

And Flint firefighters say they are unaware of any plans outside of usual fire staffing.

"Kids burn stuff up egg peoples houses, set cars on fire, I have seen a lot of stuff happen," said Flint resident Dequarius Hall.

Usually the Flint Fire Department receives help from area stations like Burton. But this year plans are changing.

"The city said that they are going to try to handle it themselves this year. They probably have many reasons the last couple of years it has been really slow," said Burton Fire Chief Doug Halstead.

But the Flint Firemen's Union isn't planning on another slow year.

"It seems like all our fires in the last month or so have increased," said Union President Mark Kovach.

Which is why surrounding stations are putting their firefighters on standby. Unless alternative plans are made.

"We have not had a formal conversation with him yet to find out what our plans are," said Kovach.

Without a set plan and or more firefighters inside city limits. Flint resident's are questioning their safety.

"If someone has a house burning down here and a house over here what are you going to do," said Hall.

If their moniker as the arson capital of the nation holds true, angels night in Flint will see fire, and could stretch the resources of an already short staffed department.

"We are lower and lower all the time in our staffing we are hoping that the citizens help out this year," said Kovach.

And citizens like Hall are prepared to do what they can.

"Itâ??s best to keep the ones that are not trying to do it in the house and out of harms way," said Hall.

While no official plans have been made yet. The city and new Fire Chief Dave Cox are planning on meeting at fire station 5 to let the public know what they can do to help them. That meeting starts at 10 am.