Fire displaces four families at Flint apartment complex

The fire destroyed four units. / Aaron Smith

A large fire rips through a Flint apartment complex. Now four families are without a home and just days away from the Thanksgiving holiday. The roof is completely burned through on this duplex off Carpenter road.

The flames are out, but horrors of an unexpected fire live on.

Janneicka Hicks saw the fire saying, "One of the girls came out hollering saying her child was in the house and I believe someone went in and got the child out."

Flames broke out around One a.m. Tuesday morning threatening the immediate residence and everyone around it.

Misty Harris and her daughter live right next door. They escaped the fire unharmed but their possessions are another story. She's facing a total loss thanks to water and smoke.

She says, "My plan was to come get my kids school clothes this morning but everything was smoked and everything so I got a lot of smoke damage and stuff."

All four families will have to find some place else to stay for now. Its a tough break heading into the holiday season so the Red Cross has stepped in to what they can. It may not be the holiday misty harris planned but right now she's just thankful.

She concludes, "I'm just blessed cause my kids alive, I'm alive and I didn't lose everything."