Fire safety and your family

National Fire Prevention Week wrapped up October 13th. It was proclaimed by President Warren G. Harding in 1925 to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire where more than 250 people were killed, more than 100,000 were left homeless and more than than 17,000 structures across 2,000 acres were destroyed.

Now, in communities across the U.S. parents, schools and fire departments are educating children and families on fire safety.

Great Lakes Bay Mom's

visited the NBC25 studio Monday morning to talk about fire safety and a plan for your family.

Michelle Mersy, a life and parenting coach talked about the importance of talking to your kids about an evacuation plan incase of fire and also getting them familiar with what a fire fighter looks like in case one has to come in and save them.

A few other tips to help you prepare your family in case of fire:

1) Install working smoke detectors in your home. Test them monthly at minimum, and replace the batteries at least twice per year (recommended: at daylight savings time in the Spring and Autumn).

2) Post emergency numbers near the phones, and teach your children how and when to use these numbers.

3) Fire extinguishers are great, but only if you are able to get to them safely and use them properly. A general rule for fire extinguishers is to keep them near a potential fire source (fireplace, kitchen, etc.) and have at least one on every floor and one every 2500 square feet.

4) Fire can engulf a house in minutes or even seconds; make sure all family members know what to do in case of a fire. Draw a floor plan with two or more ways of escaping every room. Choose a safe meeting place outside the house. Practice evacuating the house regularly. Teach children (and adults) to stay low to the ground, and to not attempt to save pets or valuables.

You can go to the

US Fire Safety website

and the US Fire Safety for Kids for some great information.

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