Firefighter, police officer recognized for brave efforts

A Saginaw County police officer and firefighter were recognized Wednesday night for their brave efforts on the job.

The Birch Run fire chief accepted the Silver Chalice Award on behalf of Firefighter Matt Cabello, who pulled a bed-ridden man out of a burning building.

Saginaw police officer Brian Wilson also received the award for shooting a breaking and entering suspect who pulled a gun on him.

The One Hundred Club of Saginaw County presented the awards.

â??It's an honor because that individual has shown that they not only care about their job, but they also have done something specific that's gone above and beyond the call of duty,â?? President David Abbs said.

The One Hundred Club of Saginaw County is an organization of local residents who contribute money every year to benefit families of police officers and firefighters who have been killed in the line of duty.