Firefighters battle a dozen fires overnight on Flint's east side

Officials have arrested one suspect, and are searching for others after nearly a dozen fires lit up Flint TMs east side just after midnight Tuesday.

Mutual aid was called to help the Flint Fire Department battle the flames. Three firefighters were taken to a local hospital, and are all in stable condition.

One family of five narrowly escaped when a vacant home next door caught fire, and the flames spread to their home. Unfortunately, they did not have insurance.

Chief Alvern Locke says they have arrested one suspect in connection to five of the fires, and are continuing to follow leads in the other blazes.

Lt. Wayne Lynch with the Flint Fire Department says unfortunately this is a common occurrence. This is a typical summer night in Flint. Twelve fires, yes it TMs very excessive, but for Flint it TMs a very normal thing.

Officials are still asking for the community's help in finding the remaining suspects. It takes time in getting information from locals, and people have got to be helping us out because it could be their house that TMs going to be affected by this if they TMre not coming forward and exposing some of these guys that are setting these fires. It could be the house next door would eventually catch your house on fire, so, you TMve got to come forward and give up those names, Lt. Lynch stated.

If you have any information on these fires please call: 1-800-44-ARSON

The fires early Tuesday morning are in the same area that many arson fires took place back in March of 2010.

Update: June 22nd, 11:15 a.m. Flint Fire Officials report two more vacant homes were set on fire in Flint Tuesday night. They're continuing to investigate the arsons. Anyone with information is asked to call the tip line.