First day of school brings new changes to Flint schools

Flint Northwestern students attend the first day of school.

Schools are back in session for most after the holiday weekend. Some students in Flint Community School District are seeing a major change of scenery following the closure of several Flint schools.

Despite school closures officials say it was business as usual.

â??Everything looked well organized. Everything was going pretty well,â?? said Flint Community Schools Superintendent Linda Thompson.

Budget cuts forced the school district to close two middle schools and elementary schools, and students are seeing a big change.

Jurnell Burton Jr is a Flint Northern student who now has 7th and 8th graders in his high school because of school closures.

â??At first it seems like itâ??s not going to work but as you go into classrooms and you see that itâ??s real small you see that it can work,â?? said Jurnell Burton Jr.

Burtons father wishes his son was not forced to attend class in such a crowded area but he stays optimistic.

â??They have them separated so it should work out. I am just glad to see that they arenâ??t closed down,â?? said Burton Sr.