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      First day of school should have some sun

      The severe storms are finished for the day leaving us free to just keep an umbrella handy overnight and in to the morning.

      A few showers and storms are possible overnight but severe weather is not expected anymore.

      Only a few small areas had damage which is always good news in a large severe weather day rather than a much larger damage path.

      Tomorrow is the first day of school for many kids and it starts off with only light sprinkles.

      By the time you pick them up or they get dropped off in the afternoon, skies should be partly cloudy and dry.

      We heat up towards the end of the week as another system moves in with what could be a stormy couple days.

      Right now I am not expecting severe weather but we do need to watch it.

      The weekend behind the cold front is much cooler but bright and sunny.

      Check out the video for more info.