First snowfall causes slew of crashes on I-75

Three car pile up on I-75 South / Jason Dubois

The slick roads are causing dozens of accidents in Mid-Michigan.

NBC25 braved the conditions and has the details on a three car pile up on Interstate-75.

NBC25 Photographer Jason Dubois and Reporter Jessica Harthorn were headed to an interview in Grand Blanc when they came upon a big crash that had happened only moments before.

Shortly after six Wednesday night, Farmington Hills resident Louis Herremans was driving south on Interstate-75 when all of a sudden...

I realized there was a pick-up sitting sideways in my lane," said Farmington Hills resident Louis Herremans.

Herremans slammed on his brakes.

"I swerved to the right and at least hit him in the box, rather than hitting him in the passenger compartment, so at least that was a good thing," said Herremans.

In total, three cars were hit near the Mt. Morris exit. NBC25 was the first at the scene.

"I heard people in pain, so instead of getting a camera out, I decided to run up to the accident scene to see if everyone was okay," said NBC25 Photographer Jason Dubois.

NBC25 Photographer Jason Dubois and another passerby assisted the victims; one man complained of abdominal injuries.

"The other guy was walking around complaining about his legs, so we had him sit down in another passerby TMs vehicle and we called the cops," said Dubois.

Soon after, Mt. Morris police arrived.

Police say since 5 o' clock Wednesday night, they had received 25 phone calls for wrecks along I-75, they say this area in particular is considered the slick zone.

I actually said a prayer right before I approached the accident, said Flushing resident Reann Colby.

Flushing resident Reann Colby pulled over to see if her brother was one of the victims.

And I knew that he was meeting my husband, and that my husband had been waiting for him, and said that he hadn't shown up yet, so I thought that could have been him, said Colby.

Sighs of relief, when she found out it wasn't.

These drivers say if you plan on heading out...

Slow down, be careful, it TMs getting icy, said Herremans.

Don't rush, better to get there safe than to not get there at all, said Colby.

Louie's Towing was at the scene, they say all their trucks are on the roads and they've responded to 12 crashes on I-75 in 2 1/2 hours.

NBC25 Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa says the snow is expected to taper off throughout the night.