Five arrested for throwing eggs off of overpass at cars in Clare County

Justin Bohr

Yesterday at two in the morning, the Clare County Sherriff's Office responded to reports of objects being thrown at vehicles from an overpass on US-127.

Deputies arrived at the Baily Road overpass in Frost Township and arrested five suspects. Authorities say the suspects were throwing eggs at the vehicles.

Additionally, two suspects were found to be in possession of marijuana.

Sheriff John Wilson said that it doesn't matter what object is thrown at cars, the crime is a serious one with a potential of injury to those on the highway.

The suspects were arraigned in 80th District Court. 18-year-old Derrick Davis, 19-year-old Justin Bohr, 18-year-old Sidney Lopez, 18-year-old James Maran, and 18-year-old Devon Wilson were all charged with throwing objects at vehicles. Maran and Wilson were also charged with possession of marijuana.