Five local teens charged with armed robbery

      Taylor Braman

      A 22-year-old Central Michigan University student was walking on campus last February when the unthinkable occurred. According to Mt. Pleasant Police, on February 2, they investigated a report of an armed robbery in the area of S. Main St. A CMU student received lacerations on his head during the robbery.

      Five suspects have been arrested and have faced a judge in connection the incident. All five of the suspects were charged with three counts: armed r

      obbery, c

      onspiracy to commit robbery and a

      ssault with a dangerous weapon (Felonious Assault)

      The five suspects are: 19-year-old
      Shaquin Patterson, 18-year-old Timothy Hunter, 19-year-old Adam Alwood, 18-year-old Anton Jones, and 19-year-old Taylor Braman.

      If there are any questions, you are asked to contact Mt. Pleasant Police Department at 989-779-5100.