Five people charged in string of Burglaries

Genesee County leaders speak about charging five people in connection with burglary ring.

Five people have been charged in connection of a string of burglaries in Genesee County.

Tony Jay Zelenka of Flint is the alleged ring-leader. Police said he broke into homes and used stolen goods to buy heroin from a Flint drug dealer. Zelenka is charged with 19 counts of home invasion.

His girlfriend, is also connected in the case. Donalee Komarowski-Ward, is charged with nine counts of home invasion.

Along with her son and two other people accused of accepting the stolen goods in exchange for drugs are involved in the case.

Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton said, "he would play these individuals with small amounts of heroin and in some instances these individuals would actually go into the basement and shoot up the heroin right on the spot. That is how dangerous the heroin addiction has become to this community."

Prosecutor Leyton joined officers from eight other police agencies to announce the charges.