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      Five public safety officers have been suspended with pay after allegedly missing a body at a fire

      Luverne Wilson (left) was found dead in her home reportedly by neighbors after authorities left the scene.

      UPDATE: This story has been updated. Read the new story here.

      Five Flint public safety officers have been disciplined after allegedly missing a body at the scene of the fire.

      Four fire-fighters and a police officer have been suspended with pay after an incident that happened on April 17th on the 3900 block of Leerda Street.

      Neighbors told NBC25 they found the body of Luverne Nikole Wilson twelve hours after authorities cleared the scene of the house fire.

      Wilson TMs friend told us in a previous story, it's ridiculous, it's not like her body was burnt up and they couldn't see her. Her whole body was still intact. We all saw her through the window|

      Thursday, Flint Public Safety Director Alvern Lock said in a statement, proper protocol is to search the house for any victims. Our investigation continues into whether all proper protocol and procedure was followed in this fire.

      What do you think? Is suspension with pay an adequate punishment for this?