Flint & Saginaw top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods list

Statement from Flint police chief Alvern Lock

Two mid-Michigan neighborhoods are topping a new list of Americaâ??s most dangerous neighborhoods. Police say they're doing the best they can to get mid-Michigan off lists like these.

Robert Odykirk has called Flint home for 10 years.

â??I work on some rental homes and some other projects but I live in the area,â?? says Odykirk.

Heâ??s seen his share of crime but says it's getting better.

â??Itâ??s gotten a lot quieter and it's easier for the police from what I (sic) seen,â?? says Odykirk.

Chambers Street near Stonegate Drive in Flint are ranked the 19th most dangerous neighborhood in America by

â??People got to do what they got to do,â?? says Odykirk.

Flint broke its all-time homicide record in 2012 after 67 people were murdered.

In a statement, Flint police chief Alvern Lock saying since the city released a new public safety plan in 2012, there's been a definite improvement.

â??The poor police are trying to catch up on it with less money,â?? says Odykirk.

Also topping the list is Saginawâ??s east side near Genesee and Holland avenues. The neighborhood comes in tenth on Neighborhood Scout's list.

â??I don't know the exact numbers or how they rank it but it's an interesting stat,â?? says Sgt. Reginald Williams, public information officer for Saginaw.

Saginaw police say they're trying to keep crime stats stable.

â??Trying to take proactive measures is rather difficult at this time but we are doing the best we can. Our response times are good," says Williams.

Both Flint and Saginaw police are using new strategies with the Michigan State Police to combat crime.

â??By bringing those guys in and working together and putting all of our resources together, it definitely helps us do a better job fighting that crime,â?? says Lt. Det. Brian Cole, public information officer for Michigan State Police.

Robert Odykirk says numbers are tough to argue against but he's seeing an improvement.

â??Much better,â?? says Odykirk.

The F.B.I. is still calculating the 2012 numbers but Flint already reporting 300 more violent crimes in the first half of 2012 than the first half of 2011.