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      Flint and Genesee County top list of fastest shrinking communities

      A dwindling population, lack of jobs and abandoned buildings are just some of the reasons why Flint and Genesee County are topping the list of fasting shrinking communities in the nation, according to a group called 24/7 Wall St.

      Some people who call Flint home blame General Motors closing down plants for Flint??s downturn.

      "When they took the shops away it seemed like everything went away,?? said Corlius Brownlee, Flint.

      Others blame the blight for ranking Flint 3rd on the recent study.

      "Who wants to come to an area that's not clean and attractive,?? said Kreg Krueger, Vogt's Flowers.

      "We need to attract people back into our core communities. Many of the residents are actually just moving a little farther out to Shiawassee or Lapeer or Oakland County,?? said Dayne Walling, Flint Mayor.

      Then there are those who've stayed. Vogt's Flowers has been in the Vehicle City since 1919, but the owner admits it's been tough, especially when GM started shutting down plants.

      "I knew that it has already survived two world wars and a Great Depression and surely didn't want it to fail under my watch,?? said Krueger.

      That's why Kruger thinks the city needs another big company to move in.

      "There's all kinds of land, all kinds of opportunity if we make it available. Let's worry about getting some real, real jobs here and not 50 at a time,?? said said Krueger.

      'The old industrial economy is not coming back anywhere in the world. We need to focus on a diverse economy that has a lot of smaller businesses,?? said Walling.

      Mayor Walling says growing is going to take the city time. His goal is to get the population to level off by 2020, and then start to work toward growing again.