Flint apartment fire victim identified


Flint police have identified the victim in last Thursday's fire at Ballenger Manor as 45-year-old Lolita LeFlore.

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The investigation continues into Thursday's deadly fire at a Flint apartment complex.

woman died in Thursday's early-morning fire at the Ballenger Manor apartments.

Her death is being investigated as a homicide after police say the fire was intentially set.

Neighbors say they're still uneasy.

Resident, Steven Smith said, "I can't live here after everything that's been going on."

Thursday's fire is seared into his memory.

"I saw an old man actually jump off the third story," said Smith.

Police say the fire was intentionally set leaving nine people homeless and killing a woman who died of smoke inhalation.

Her death is now a homicide.

"I just think it's disgusting someone that could do that. That puts murder on their conscience," said Smith.

"There was a lot of people out there some elderly people on oxygen just really bad for somebody to burn up a house like that with older people living in it," said resident Bruce Hall.

Police have not identified the woman who died in the fire at this time.


fficials are asking anyone with information on the arson and homicide investigation to call F
lint police.