Flint area couple works to connect communities through urban farming

Flint area children learning about urban farming.

Urban farming is seeing major growth in the Flint area.

One couple in Mt. Morris Township started to teach people how to farm in the city eight years ago.

"We're trying to change the food system, educate people to grow food in an urban setting,â?? said urban farmer Jacky King.

Jacky King and his wife Dora are working to transform their community one vacant lot at a time. They teach area kids and adults how to start their own farms.

One of the goals of the program is to keep kids on the right path and away from trouble.

"You don't have to give up on, not only your community but yourself, and if you have that love for yourself and love for your community all things are possible," said urban farmer Dora King.

Jacky says urban farming also provides an economic boost by keeping money in the community and providing better access to fresh healthy food.

The couple plans to keep growing and hopefully open an organic market and thrift shop in the area.