Flint blood drive honor's Flint's 66 homicide victims

A Flint blood drive is calling on at least 66 members of the community to donate.

66 donations, to match the 66 lives lost in Flint last year. University of Michigan-Flint graduate students together with the American Red Cross are coming together to honor the victims for a good cause.

Lisa Lapeyrose lost her father to cancer several years ago.

During his fight against the deadly disease, he underwent several blood transfusions.

Now his daughter, an assistant professor at the university of Michigan-flint, finds motivation from her loss.

â??With that personal relevance and also knowing that students really benefit from having these applied projects where the things that they are turning in are going to be seen by the professor and graded but have a larger impact," said Lapeyrose.

Lapeyrose's u of m flint students are looking for 66 heroes for the 66 homicides in flint last year.

"We chose heroes because when you think of a hero you think of someone who saves lives and so one pint of blood donated can save up to three lives," said Marcie Roberts.

It's hoped the drive can help to make a difference and honor the lives lost to violence in the city.

"My first time donating I am a little nervous however the greater good is better than me being nervous. So I think this is one step forward to bring balance for what happened last year," said Levellyn Hunter.

The names of all 66 homicides from last year were placed on display. Lapeyrose says they are a reminder of better things to come.

"We know that some people think of flint as a place with a lot of problems but we like to think of it as a place with a lot of opportunity,â?? said Lapeyrose.

The final numbers from the blood drive are not complete.