Flint business thrives forcing another out of business

Wizeguys Pizza is closing its doors after nearly four years of operating in the heart of downtown Flint.

Closing businesses isn't new for flint but closing because of a business boom, that's something new. The 501 Bar along side Wizeguys taking over to meet demand.

"Itâ??s got such a demand for more seating that we were forced into making the decision to open up and expand into there,â?? said General Manager Adam Lock.

Opening new doors for more business by adding more than fifty seats to 501 Bar and Grill.

"We are adding a soft seating lounge, we will have couches and just something to make a nice cocktail area. Somewhere for people to relax especially the after work crowd," said Lock.

A new appeal and look for 501, which features flatbread's rather than wizeguys' traditional pizzas.

"It is bittersweet because i have eaten at 501 before they have great food and i have eaten at Wizeguys as well. The pizza was great and its great value," said Flint resident Matthew Williams.

A good thing for 501 and an area Matthew Williams says is struggling.

"Itâ??s a good thing that a business is expanding in the city of flint especially in the downtown area,â?? said Williams.

501 and Wizeguys management says expanding the culture and atmosphere of 501 into Wizeguys will be the right thing for customers.

"Thatâ??s what downtown needs, more vibrant, that's what we are going to have," said Lock.

Management says they hope this move will happen quickly and will serve customers starting in April.