Flint calls pink-slipped teachers back to work

Flint Community Schools Superintendent Larry Watkins said the district is calling back 52 employees.

More than 50 teachers and staff members have been called back to work.

Flint Community Schools announced that they are calling back 52 teachers and staff members when school starts Sept. 2.

â??We are very pleased to have these teachers and school personnel return because we need all hands on deck to turn around Flint Community Schools and make sure our students can learn and achieve,â?? said Superintendent Larry Watkins in a media release issued by Flint Community Schools.

The employees were laid off last school year in an effort to help the district meet budget goals and keep with plans submitted to the state. Their return is within the districtâ??s budget plan that was outlined and submitted for state approval.

"These teachers and staff will play a critical role in creating a learning environment that can prepare our students for college and a career. I am grateful to all parties who worked together in a spirit of collaboration to help us make this recall happen today," Watkins said.

Under the budget plan the district is expected to eliminate a $20.4 million deficit by 2021.

According to the media release, the schoolâ??s financial team identified a $3.9-million surplus for the upcoming 2014-2015 year. The team also identified surpluses ranging from $2.5 million to $3.5 million every year from 2016-2021.