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      Flint church brings truckload of goodwill for Easter

      Rev. David Leineke talks to a community member who came and picked up food.

      A Flint church brought truckloads of goodwill to make sure families have Easter Sunday dinner.

      "It's a beautiful thing to do on the Saturday before Easter. To make sure that folks can have an Easter blessing of spiritual needs and food," said Rev. David Leineke of Charity United Methodist Church in Flint.

      Rev. Leinke said they fed about 200 people.

      "In a hour and 15 minutes we have given away 11,000 lbs of food," Rev. Leineke added.

      He said people were lined up since 4 a.m. Saturday morning.

      On a mild spring morning, the congregation and volunteers took their giving hearts to the parking lot and out of the church. Packing, lifting, working together and it's all done with love.

      "It gives us the opportunity to live out the scripture. It tells us to not store our treasures up in a barn, so it feels great we can do this. That we can buy this truck and just give it away with no strings attached," Rev. Leineke said.

      This is the first time Charity United Methodist Church held a food giveaway. If you could not make it on Saturday, they will be holding another giveaway May 12th. The church also has a weekly food pantry two days a week.