Flint City Council continues for the removal of emergency financial manager

Last nights city council meeting sparked applause from many, including some holding signs saying â??democracy yes, dictatorship no.â??

Flint City Council will now be seeking the removal of the emergency financial manager .

Newly appointed financial manager Ed Kurtz says,"It is hard to do your job when you spend your time arguing with council about law and those kinds of things. And frankly, if they were willing we would like to include them in the process."

City Council has kept the pressure on Kurtzâ??s position since being appointed earlier this month when Scott Kincaid told NBC 25 that they will file for the managers removal tomorrow or Thursday.

One local resident would rather have the choice left to voters on the November 6th ballot.

â??Well it looks to me that it is somewhat of a irrational decision. And it looks like they should wait until November and it will be decided and save the city money,â?? said resident Terry Hutchinson.

If the state finds city councils claims to be true, public act 72 will be removed along with Kurtz from office. For now Flint residents can look forward to making the decision themselves in the voting booth this November.