Flint City Council delays renting out golf courses

Flint no longer has the funding to run its four city golf courses. / Chad Britton

The Flint City Council had delayed voting on proposals submitted by three groups hoping to take over the city's courses.

City Council members say there are still too many unanswered questions.

Council member Scott Kincaid told NBC25 there are some legal issues that need to be addressed in the case of the city union. The city union may not be able to run the course separate from the city and there may be some conflict when it comes to paying and representing city employees.

Kincaid says the council approved supporting the Mott Park Golf Course Association and Golf Solutions to lease the courses at Mott Park and Pierce Park but wants more details on how they would actually operate the courses.

"What is going to happen with the equipment. Do the two groups have the ability to pay property taxes because once we lease them the property taxes have to be paid?" said Councilman Kincaid.