Flint City Council files lawsuit against EFM Ed Kurtz

EFM Ed Kurtz has not been served by the lawsuit is in motion by Flint City Council.

The Flint Area Chamber of Commerce now has their hand in Flints EFM Situation. President Mike Killbreath is supporting council in the removal of Kurtz for what he says is best for Flint.

â??Flint Area Chamber of Commerce is making sure investigative hearings are taking place in the city of Flint. City Council ran into a situation where the new emergency manager said they canâ??t use the legal department,â?? said Mike Killbreath.

In order to ensure the suit moves forward, the chamber is providing attorney Glenn Cotton to the councilâ??s disposal in lieu of the cities legal team.

â??We made a pledge to supply legal assistance if that was the stumbling block, legal fees, filing fee's whatever. We said we will assist,â?? said Killbreath.

Ed Kurtz was not available for comment today; but told NBC 25 back in August, he faces an uphill battle as EFM.

"It's hard to get to doing a job when you spend your time arguing with council about law and those kinds of things,â?? said Kurtz.

While council is battling with Kurtz. Less than two months from now voters head to the polls to decide if EFMâ??s in Michigan are constitutional. Some Flint residents feel waiting for November is best for Flint.

"It looks like they should wait until November and it will be decided and save the city a lot of money,â?? said Flint resident Terry Hutchinson.

City Councilâ??s lawsuit is being pushed through the court system and reaching the desk of judge Judith Fullerton. Killbreath says, â??she will likely recues herself from the lawsuit. Since her husband works for the cities legal department.