Flint city council, mayor get raises and more responsibilities

Flint's elected officials getting more money and even more power.

â??Iâ??m now directly supervising the department of public works as well as the department of planning and development,â?? says Dayne Walling, mayor of Flint.

Emergency manager Darnell Earley boosting the mayor's pay by $27,000 for the added responsibilities.

â??I think it's wrong,â?? says Flint resident Anthony Coleman.

â??I don't think it's right,â?? says Earnest Hickey.

â??I think it's a shame,â?? says Willie Woodard.

â??The city of Flint is already in debt,â?? says Coleman.

â??What can they tell me they did to deserve a raise,â?? questions Hickey.

City council getting an extra $3,500 a year as they get more control of city committees.

â??Thereâ??s no such thing as getting power back when you up under a financial emergency,â?? says councilman Wantwaz Davis. Heâ??s also calling his raise a farce.

â??I wouldn't have a problem giving it all back,â?? says Davis.

Thatâ??s a far cry from his statements just six weeks ago.

â??We get $200 every 2 weeks, that's not no (sic) money,â?? said Davis in an interview on May 28.

The backtracking may be too late for Flint neighbors who are wondering how the city can afford raises with proposed public safety cuts and sky rocketing water rates.

â??They should walk in here with a bandana on their face because all they're doing is robbing the city,â?? says Woodard.

â??They got to do something to help the people and Iâ??m not getting any help,â?? adds Hickey.