Flint city council postpone vote on water pipeline proposal

After delaying a decision last week, Flint City Council members again decided to postpone a vote on how to get the cityâ??s water supply.

Council members were expected to vote Monday evening on a resolution to join the Karegnondi Water Authority (KWA) along with Genesee, Lapeer and Sanilac counties and the city of Lapeer. The regional authority calls for building a new pipeline to Lake Huron instead of buying water from Detroit.

During Mondayâ??s special council meeting, council members decided to send the resolution back to the finance committee.

Mayor Dayne Walling said joining the Karegnondi Water Authority would result in significant savings, up to $19 million over eight years.

"The water is free because it's raw water, from the lake, that just has to be drawn through the pipe and over to our community,â?? Walling said. â??It'll be starting from scratch, and the city will be an owner and we'll know what our rate will be for the next 25 to 30 years. So there are a number of major advantages with the new pipeline,â?? he added.

Mayor Walling also said he would like council to approve the deal before the end of March. Under Gov. Snyder's new emergency manager law, Public Act 436, the council will not have the authority to make such decisions. The new law takes effect March 28.

Before adjourning, the council agreed to amend the KWA resolution and change the amount of water from 18 million gallons per day to 15 million gallons.

The finance committee meets Wednesday March 20.