Flint city council to pursue lawsuit following special meeting

Residents speak out at Flint council meeting.

Flint city council members voted unanimously Thursday evening to file a lawsuit, that would prevent Ed Kurtz from taking any action as the city's emergency financial manager. Council members state that the city is not currently in a financial emergency situation.

Residents attended the special session in full force fighting for their city and pushing local government officials to do the same.

"I do not believe that we need babysitters or nannies. We have enough intelligent people in the city of Flint to run this city," said Carolyn Schannon.

A familiar cry heard Thursday night at a special Flint council meeting. Flint residents spoke out about former emergency manager, Mike Brown, and the re-appointment of Ed Kurtz as the cityâ??s emergency financial manager.

"How long are we going to allow these so called leaders to call the shots in Flint? How much longer will we sit around apathetic? When will we stand up, step up, and speak up," said Nayyirah Shariff.

With the state's Public Act 4 suspended, city council members continue to debate the legality of re-instating Public Act 72 before voters have a final say on the November ballot.

"We believe that some actions taken were not legal. Some of us believe P.A. 72 does not exist," said councilman Sheldon Neeley.

In the meantime, council members are happy to once again have some governing power restored.

"We have not seen a democratic way in the city of Flint for the last nine months. It's refreshing to get some democracy back but we need to be back in full power so we can have some redress of some of the things that have happened," said Neeley.

Before leaving his post as emergency manager, Mike Brown approved dozens of resolutions that include the sale of the Flint-owned Genesee Towers for $1. City taxpayers were responsible for saving the building in 2010 and many residents and council members disagree with the sale.

Brown also authorized a millage for police and fire protection as a ballot question in the November general election.