Flint Comix artists draw on Chevy Sonics

Bludgeoner the Bunny Butcher / Dan Armstrong

A local newspaper made entirely out of comics is making quite a splash at the Sloan Longway Automotive Gallery.

Artists from Flint Comix and Entertainment are drawing on two brand new, fresh off the line, Chevrolet Sonic vehicles.

They hope it'll attract attention to the local comic talent.

"It's just like drawing on paper," says Brian Germain, a Flint Comix artist.

Using pencils and markers, the artists are giving two Chevy Sonics a comic makeover.

"Kind of feels like I'm going to get into trouble. I'm doing graffiti on this car here," says Germain, who lives in Swartz Creek and has been drawing since he was two years old. He's one of the 10 to 15 artists that contribute to Flint Comix. "There's just all kinds of talent in Michigan. Some people here are famous and work for Star Wars, Lucas Arts, and Marvel.

"It's literally the paper I always wanted to read since I was a kid," says editor in chief Randy Zimmerman. He says it's an honest paper that's willing to bring up and address real issues with humor and perspective. "They can read it as much as they want. There will be articles that folks can't stand. You don't have to read it. Turn the page. Read the next one."

Even Flint Mayor Dayne Walling has a column in the paper.

On one of the Sonics, the artists pay homage to Louis Chevrolet by drawing him on the gas tank cover.

They also feature original creations like Hero Bot and Bludgeoner the Bunny Butcher.

"There really needs to be an uplifting paper out there. People need to laugh. People need to smile," says Zimmerman.

The artists will continue to draw on the vehicles Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The artists encourage visitors to ask them questions as they draw. They say they don't mind.

"When I was in school I drew a lot in class. People were always looking over my shoulder. I'm used to it," says

Wednesday, Sue Van Camp, a local artist who worked on Magic the Gathering will be at the museum.

Flint Comix is distributed monthly and prints about 10,000 copies.

The editor says he'd like to expand to the Bay Area, Thumb Area, up north, and the UP.