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      Flint Community Schools ad campaign looks to boost attendance

      Flint Community Schools is slowly chipping away at a nearly $16 million deficit while keeping their current students and interesting more to join by spending $15 thousand in an advertising blitz before school.

      The school district is working to promote its new STEM schooling, but tax payers donâ??t agree with the districts move.

      "I think they should take that $15 thousand and re-appropriate it into things they already have and try to catch up," said Flint resident Jarin Sage.

      In Genesee Countyâ??s changing educational landscape Flint says they are trying to keep pace.

      "Itâ??s a very different competitive market whether the addition of charter schools or open enrollment districts or schools of choice," said Flint Community Schools Communicationâ??s Director Bob Campbell.

      Flint Community Schools estimates 18 hundred students are going to be leaving the district in the next three years and thatâ??s considering Flints falling population but they say that less students doesn't mean less education.

      "We serve close to 8 thousands students and we have a record of academic achievement to show for it," said Campbell.

      This advertising campaign is showing former, current and possible new students the value of a Flint education.

      â??They are putting a lot of effort into these extracurricular programs so overall I donâ??t know if itâ??s going add to the problem or just add more people to the same problem," said Sage.

      The school district says they get about $74 hundred per student in funding. If they keep losing students as projected of the next three years it will be about $14 million in lost funds.