Flint councilman proposes drug testing for city officials

Flint leaders could face a new litmus test----drug testing.

â??Itâ??s about government responsibility,â?? says Flint councilman Sheldon Neeley. â??We have to build the trust back with our community."

Neeley says elected leaders need a clear mind to make city decisions.

â??We should be held to a higher standard on every level and I think this is a good time to say, let's provide some leadership here,â?? says Neeley.

But political analyst Paul Rozycki questions the timing of Neeleyâ??s latest measure.

â??Frankly, coming at this time right before the election, it does sound a little bit funny,â?? says Rozycki who teaches political science at Mott Community College.

Neeley is facing embattled councilman Eric Mays in a democratic state primary next Tuesday.

Mays was found guilty of driving while impaired earlier this month.

â??It does sound like a campaign ploy in many ways,â?? says Rozycki.

But Neeley says the move is not aimed at any particular council person.

â??No, not at all,â?? says Neeley.

Political move or not, Flint neighbors say drug testing city officials may help the city out.

â??If everybody else has a drug test, why shouldn't they?â?? questions Joe Kimball.

â??If they're going to be responsible people, it should be no problem,â?? says Joe Fordham.

â??I think it's a good idea but it should be for, just cause,â?? adds Theron Wiggins.

Emergency Manager Darnell Earley and Mayor Dayne Walling were unavailable for comment Tuesday. However, the city attorney has said drug testing officials is legal.