Flint EM Earley prepares to transition out of financial emergency

Flintâ??s emergency manager gave an optimistic forecast about when the city of Flint might gain back local control.

Flint has been under state control for almost two years now and Darnell Earley said, thanks to the work of Mike Brown and Ed Kurtz before him, the city is in a position to move forward much faster than he expected.

During Thursdayâ??s press briefing, Earley called his role in Flint's financial emergency as "the anchor leg" in the relay.

He said he plans to work with the newly-elected council over the next few months and make sure they're ready to govern the city.

Earley also plans to establish a 21-member â??blue ribbonâ?? committee of residents, business leaders and other stakeholders to start talking about transitioning the city out of receivership.

â??The theory is that at some point we're going to have to transition back to elected leadership. We did that in 2004 and it didn't work out. We want to get it right this time. So I think what has to happen is we have to have a broader dialogue about what it will take to sustain the city of Flint once the emergency is over,â?? Earley said.

Earley said he'll be spending the next few weeks appointing people to the committee. He also plans to submit an updated financial and operating report to the treasury that will be available for residents to view online.