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      Flint emergency financial manager releases plan to public

      Flint emergency financial manager released his plan to get the city's finances back on track.

      Flint's emergency financial manager Mike Brown released the city's financial and operating plan that he submitted to the state Tuesday evening.

      In the plan Mike Brown summarizes the city's current economic picture and his goals to get Flint back on track.

      Brown outlined a number of goals he believes can reduce the city's projected $11.3 million deficit in his 10-page plan he submitted to the state January 15th.

      Brown is going to try and reduce overall government costs through negotiated union contracts and consolidation and shared services.

      Brown also plans to provide public safety services that are inline with other cities comparable in size and resources.

      Brown also laid out his plan for department reorganizations of public safety, finance administaration and infrastructure.

      In a statement released Tuesday afternoon Brown said the plan is just the beginning.

      "It is a work in progress and it will be amended as necessary. The next step is the implementation process and I see that as being the most difficult challenge."

      Flint Mayor Dayne Walling also released a statement addressing the plan.

      "Many of the plan's proposals highlight the need for greater cooperation with the community and partners. Everyone needs to do their part to address Flint's long-standing challenges."

      Twelve executive orders have been issued which redefine the functions of the mayor and the city council, the processing of resolutions and the elimination of several departments and staff.

      T he plan was required by the state within 45 days of Brown's December 1st appointment as emergency manager.