Flint emergency manager gives progress report

Crowds at these meetings where public comment is taken are dwindling.

Flint emergency financial manager Mike Brown tonight presented a six month progress report to the city council and residents.

June 1 was the six-month anniversary of Brown taking over the position.

The state requires all emergency managers to present a progress report after six months that have seen sweeping cuts including 100 layoffs with notices issued last week to employees in every city department.

Brown announced that the city will not pursue a $9 million dollar loan to pay off past debts, citing interest rates that are expected to drop further.

Brown said the city is at it's lowest cash flow of the year at about $8 million but should be able to get by until summer taxes are collected. Brown also touted success in keeping all of the currently serving police officers and firefighters in the city thanks to grant money.

Resident still showed up to protest on Monday. The progress report can be viewed at the city's website.