Flint Emergency manager sets April 2015 date for transition to local control

A changing of the guard at Flint city hall is underway.

â??I believe that there is a working, collaborative effort to get us to that point,â?? says Darnell Earley, Flintâ??s emergency financial manager who was appointed to oversee the cityâ??s finances by Governor Rick Snyder.

City officials met with Michigan's Department of Treasury this week, ironing out a timetable to resume local governmental control.

"We are on course,â?? says Earley at a press conference on Thursday morning.

Once Earley departs, a transition advisory board and a new city administrator will take over.

â??I would like to see them leave in total,â?? says Councilman Sheldon Neeley who is not happy with the plan.

He says the advisory board just another form of an emergency manager.

â??If they have not figured out how to help us in three and a half years, they will not figure it out with another emergency manager."

Flint neighbors are divided on whether city council needs the oversight.

â??There should be another committee to watch over them since they've had---the failed track record they've had,â?? says Dave Lovett.

â??Nobody should be able to come in and veto anything that they decided to do,â?? counters Doris Jones.

But Earley says the oversight is largely dependent on city council's behavior and decision-making.

â??There is concern on the council about it's going forward and its ability to govern."

Mott Community College political science professor Paul Rozycki says the treasury department is going to keep a close eye on city council.

Earley sent a stern warning Thursday morning saying, if he thinks the council isn't ready, he will recommend to the governor that another emergency manager be appointed.