Flint Farmer's expand to provide healthy options to all residents

The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan estimates nearly 1 in 4 children in Michigan face hunger on a daily basis. The Flint Farmers' Market is expanding to other areas of the city to provide healthy alternatives to more people.

"Going out in the extension markets is really good to get to know people in neighborhoods that canâ??t make out to the normal farmers' market," said farmer Justin Parker.

Mondays are taking on a new meaning in flint's south end.

Itâ??s an opportunity to get healthy food close to home.

"Itâ??s actually nice, you don't have to go to the other farmers market they are making it more accessible for the north and south side," said Flint resident Ebony Harden.

Outnumbered by gas stations and liquor stores these farmers hope to reach out to everyone.

"People that really need that assistance, those EBT users and people who are looking for assistance," said farmer Christina Yancho.

However, their assistance is going beyond accepting bridge cards and other meal plans.

"They are looking for assistance in how to prepare some of these things because the experience just isnâ??t there," said Yancho.

Farmers willing to take the step out from downtown say the people make the trip worth it.

"They are going to give it to their families and itâ??s really nice to say that we did everything possible to make it the best product," said Parker.

The farmers' market extensions are open on the north and south ends of the city. For more information follow the link at the bottom of the story.